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Do You Have Psychological Trauma After a Motorcycle Accident?

Road rash is a visible injury after a typical minor motorcycle accident. But there can be hidden psychological effects after a crash that are long-lasting. Because of the stress they have endured, motorcycle accident victims might experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because of certain events. The stress from a motorcycle crash can affect your job, and marital status and ruin relationships.

After a motorcycle accident, those involved may feel emotional and psychological anguish, including emotional and physical pain and suffering, sadness, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This is why a psychological evaluation by medical experts is essential if you suspect PTSD or the symptoms persist. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have heard all heard about people suffering from traumatic brain injury, broken bones, or other head injuries after an accident. But many lawyers fail to pay attention to severe anxiety or PTSD after a motorcycle accident.

How Can Ehline Law Help My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

At Ehline Law Firm, we understand that mental health is a major concern! While we usually do not expect all motorcycle crash victims to turn to counsel and mental health professionals, in cases of some personal injury claims PTSD and other trauma are just too much to suffer.

But paying for all this professional help means victims may need to receive monetarily compensation. CALC has lawyer participants with branches throughout Los Angeles, California, conveniently located in a city near you. Our adept lawyers are known for their large compassion awards. They are also highly respected for their competence in navigating motorcycle insurance claims.

These legal prodigies are available to help you if you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident or if you have suffered any other type of catastrophic psychological injury that is the fault of another person. At CALC, our legal practice participants encompass all types of personal injury claims; cases involving vehicle wrecks are just being used as an illustrative sampling of the type of goodhearted, conscientious service they offer you. In Los Angeles, as in all their offices, we labor on a contingency basis. This means that you will never be charged a fee until they win you a verdict or settlement. Have questions about your insurance claim or medical evaluation? Our very best attorney member can solve your problems.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Motorcycle accidents, as per a 2009 study, are a common cause of PTSD in civilians. Around 25% of persons who are wounded or who have a vehicle involved in an accident get some kind of PTSD.

You’re at risk of psychological trauma if any of the following apply:

  • Another person was killed in the motorcycle accident
  • You have a history of violent physical injuries
  • You have struggled with depression in the past
  • You’re female

According to research, nobody is immune to emotional distress. After a motorcycle accident, you can get PTSD, irrespective of your educational level, marital situation, or the severity of your injuries.

If you have suffered serious bodily injuries or lost a loved one as a result of negligence in a motorcycle accident, you should contact CALC. We remain fully committed to helping you receive the legal advice you deserve when pursuing legal action. We will fight hard to get you a lawyer who will help you receive medical and/or funeral expenses, lost income (past and future wage losses, etc.). Our sharp attorneys and staff will also help you find lawyers to help you receive psychological counseling to help you cope with your pain and suffering.

What Is PTSD?

The diagnostic criteria for PTSD is found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) published in 2013.

The following are some of the major adverse effects that an individual may experience if they develop PTSD emotions:

  • Constantly re-experiencing the terrible incident through flashbacks, nightmares, or distressing recollections
  • Avoiding anything that can trigger potentially traumatic memories
  • Isolation
  • Boredom with activities
  • Partial forgetfulness regarding the traumatic experience – impaired memory
  • Excessive negativity
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Inability to concentrate or sleep
  • Hypervigilance – trouble sleeping
  • Irritable or violent conduct
  • High-risk or destructive activity
  • Extreme startle reactions
  • Other self-destructive behaviors

These signs must last for more than a month and must result in the victim being unable to perform socially or at work to be diagnosed with PTSD.

If you suspect you may have PTSD as a result of a motorbike accident, see a medical professional as soon as possible. It’s critical that you obtain the support you need to reduce the negative impacts of PTSD on your daily life.

Does PTSD from Motorcycle Accidents Impact Your Life?

The unpleasant, powerful feelings and ideas might stick around for long periods after the traumatic experience, as per the American Psychiatric Association. This can easily cause havoc in your life, making it challenging to keep your career and maintain relationships. Divorce, despair, financial difficulty, high medical bills, substance abuse, and other mental health challenges can affect those with PTSD.

Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer from CALC’s member list can help those who’ve been in motor vehicle accidents to recover damages, making their lives slightly easier after the incident.

How Does Psychological Trauma from a Motorcycle Accident Impact Your Settlement?

Medical professionals agree that PTSD is a serious condition that can completely change a person’s life. If PTSD has had a detrimental impact on your lifestyle, you may be entitled to obtain damages for emotional distress in addition to the usual damages available in a personal injury claim.

PTSD damages can be a combination of financial and non-financial losses. The cost of your PTSD therapy lost wages, and reduced earning potential can all be considered economic losses.

Your non-economic damages would compensate you for the mental pain and emotional misery you are experiencing because of your situation. Furthermore, you may also be eligible to seek damages for your loss of pleasure in life if your PTSD prevents you from riding a motorcycle again.

Mental Anguish from a Motorcycle Wreck?

A motorcycle accident lawyer can utilize your treatment team’s documents and evidence to prove that the motorcycle crash caused your PTSD. These instances might be difficult to deal with because the symptoms can take a long time to manifest, interfering with your favorite activities.

Many people experience PTSD symptoms between three and six months after motorcycle crashes, while other people experience symptoms much later. The longer the period between the incident and the onset of symptoms, the more difficult it is to establish a causal relationship. That is why, as soon as you think you may be suffering from PTSD after a motorcycle accident, you need to get PTSD treatment from a mental health professional. You can claim noneconomic damages and economic damages for your medical expenses, lost income, and PTSD diagnosis.

Seek Compensation: Proving What Caused Your PTSD Symptoms

PTSD often develops among motorcycle riders as a result of the direct experience of suffering a serious or life-threatening injury in an accident; however, it can also emerge in other people.

You may be suffering from several forms of emotional trauma if you were:

  • A passenger on the motorcycle – irrespective of whether or not you experienced any serious physical injury
  • Were in a vehicle close to or involved in the crash
  • A witness of the traumatic event when it happened
  • A bystander who treated or helped those who were injured in the accident
  • An individual who saw fatally or severely injured people
  • A family member or loved one who has to cope with the aftermath of the victim’s serious accident
  • A first responder who treated or helped the injured people.

You can learn more during a free consultation with a caring lawyer at Ehline Law.

Contact Ehline Law Firm for Legal Assistance If You’ve Experienced a Traumatic Event!

At Ehline Law, we firmly believe motorcycle accident victims are entitled to obtain monetary damages award to cover their medical costs, lost earnings, as well as physical and emotional numbness. Like an oak, we will weather the storm to get clients the damages they deserve, whether the other drivers have been brought to trial or not. We are devoutly aware of how delicate the topic of emotional injuries is for some riders (biker clubs maintain an image of make machismo, etc.)

Our lawyers and entire treatment team will be gentle and discreet over your bad dreams, emotional pain, and suffering. Because of the heinous nature of some motorcycle accident injuries, civil courts often award generous compensation to deserving motorcyclists and their families. In addition, you may also be entitled to restitution in a hit-and-run case from California’s Victims Compensation Fund.

As world-famous legal advocates, our talented, aggressive legal team will fight vigorously to assure you receive every single penny you deserve. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, or have suffered injuries in any way due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, don’t delay calling us during the recovery process.

Contact us today by filling out the convenient contact form on our Ehline Law website or call us o arrange an appointed for a free case evaluation with a lawyer participant here.

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