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Sadly, a Los Angeles Man Cyclist Dies from Crash Injuries During a Charity Ride

The Los Angeles police department has been busy with the numerous bicycle accidents that continue to happen in the area. Even though many accidents are happening in Southern California, people are still not paying attention on the road when they are driving. People must pay attention when driving their cars because if they hit someone, they could end up with a gross vehicular manslaughter charge.

To learn more about what happened and what you need to do if you are involved in a hit-and-run crash, continue reading below.

The Hit and Run Crash

In April 2022, a man was riding his bike in Griffith Park. The name of the deceased is Andrew Jelmert. He was 77 years old and participating in a charity bike ride. However, on Crystal Springs Drive at 4 PM, Jairo Martinez, 37, hit the man and fled the scene, making it a hit-and-run crash.

Apparently, Jelmert was riding his bicycle northbound when Martinez struck him with his BMW. Then, the cyclist fell onto the road in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, and hit his head on the road. Sadly, Jelmert died at the scene and could not receive any medical attention for his injuries, which means that Martinez will face a murder charge when he goes to court.

Jelmert was participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle ride held by the Los Angeles LGBT Center. He has completed this charity ride five times before. The local community was very upset by his passing.

What Is Happening to Jairo Martinez?

Martinez is the hit-and-run driver involved in the Griffith Park crash. He is now facing one felony count of a hit and run crash and murder. Also, he is being charged with a misdemeanor because he was driving when his license was suspended or revoked due to a prior DUI conviction.

The Los Angeles police did say that they believed that alcohol was a factor in this accident. It is unknown whether Martinez has an attorney with him for the trial.

Cyclists In Griffith Park Must Be Careful

Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in America, and it is the largest one in Los Angeles. A driver can drive through the park, which means a higher chance of a hit-and-run crash. Southern California has seen many people killed while riding their bikes.

Has the Los Angeles Police Department Given Any Advice?

It is normal for many people to hear that another cyclist has been killed in a crash on the news. In many cases, the cyclist is not in the wrong, but it is the vehicle that has struck them. Also, there is always the possibility that the driver will leave the crime scene when someone is injured because they are afraid of the repercussions.

There are many tips that the police have given cyclists to help them stay safe and keep their life intact while they are enjoying a bike ride in Los Angeles. Some of the tips and tricks are:

  • Cyclists should educate themselves on the rules of the road.
  • They should wear reflective gear.
  • Cyclists should pay attention to every driver on the road because they pose the most threat.
  • Every car has a blind spot, meaning the biker needs to stay away from there.

What Should Happen When Someone Has Been In a Collision?

If a driver has struck a biker, they will need to ensure they follow the proper protocol.

  1. They will need to be looked at by medical professionals, and the police should be notified. Moreover, they will ensure that the person who was hit is safe and will take them to a hospital if they need any urgent care. Also, the police will speak with anyone at the crime scene to gather information.
  2. The victim should speak to a legal representative once they have the energy and the time to do so. When someone has the right legal time, they can help gather any information they need to support the victim with their case. They will search through anything that has been reported, if there is a video available, and speak to witnesses to try and gather enough information to support the victim.
  3. However, if the biker was killed in the accident, then the family will be able to pursue a wrongful death case in this event. During this very difficult and traumatizing time, they will need the right legal counsel to get the paperwork in order.


When someone has been killed by a car while on their bike, it worries many people about their next ride. However, every rider should know how to protect themselves when riding and what to do if they are involved in a crash.

Many riders have been killed in Los Angeles because of drivers, so people should be aware of their surroundings.

Call A Bicycle Lawyer at CALC Today!

When a car crash has happened, and a cyclist is involved, the victim and their loved ones should contact CALC. Filling out the paperwork for a case can be challenging and time-consuming, which is not what someone must deal with during this difficult time.

Instead, they should focus on their recovery and moving forward from this incident. Also, if there has been a death due to a crash, then a CALC associate will be here to help complete a wrongful death claim, so the family can receive the compensation they deserve to help them through this troubling time.

When a person contacts CALC, they will be met with a knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced team in bicycle accidents. Every victim and their loved ones deserve to speak with someone who cares about them and their needs. That is why CALC is here to help find you a great lawyer!

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